Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sidequest 6

David Herrmann
Sidequest 6
Violence and Nudity in Videogames
          Europeans are befuddled about a lot of American traditions and ways of life. American’s have a distinct lifestyle that is quite different to that of the Englishman or Frenchman. One thing that many Europeans find extremely confusing is our abundance of violence in videogames and movies juxtaposed against our fear and lack of abundance of nudity and sex in those same fields. American videogame creators and film directors have no problem showing men being decapitated or men being tortured yet when it comes to the female nipple, that’s where they draw the line?
          It is quite funny when you actually break it down and think about it, even if you are an American like myself. What is more inappropriate, showing someone get tortured my getting their fingers cut off, or showing a man’s penis or a woman’s vagina? For some reason, Americans tend to think the latter is more inappropriate. Yet almost everyone has seen a penis and vagina. We all know what they look like, so where does this fear come from for game creators and movie directors? In Europe the nude human body is viewed as natural and normal. It is shown much more often in games and in movies. Yet they view horrible violence as inappropriate and often refrain from adding it to movies and videogames. It does make you wonder: did we, Americans get it wrong? Are we desensitizing ourselves to the wrong stuff?

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