Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sidequest 5

David Herrmann
Sidequest 5
Apples to Apples: Cabin in Lake Wenatchee Washington
          Why is it that parents love when their kids play board games, and hate when they play videogames? Both stimulate the mind, both are more active than watching television. So why give videogames such a bad rap? This is a question that has always befuddled me. I used to try and reason with my mother in high school and argue that both are intellectually stimulating. While I still believe that both stimulate the mind, there is something tangible about a board game played with family. It’s all laid out right in front of you and you can touch it. One of the other amazing things about board games is the memories they hold. For me, Apples to Apples means one thing: I’m back at my cabin in Lake Wenatchee.
          Regardless of where I play Apples to Apples, I am reminded of those huge bay area style windows overlooking the silent reflecting lake. I am reminded of Christmas. Of five feet of snow piled up outside and of a fire in the fireplace. When you play a videogame you sometimes become engulfed in that realm of false reality. However board games keep you in touch with reality while still allowing you to experience play. This is due to the human interaction that comes with a board game. Players can look into the eyes of other humans and make conversation as they play. They do not just stare at a screen and talk into a headset. Wow. I’m actually starting to sound like my mother.

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