Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sidequest 2

David Herrmann
A videogame increases the fan base of the biggest sport in the world
            Soccer is probably the most popular sport in the world. While less popular in the United States, Europeans go literally crazy over professional soccer in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, London, and Paris. Yet the game of soccer is so slow paced. There are usually only 7 or so shots on goal within a game and teams rarely score more than 3 goals. Even more annoying is the fact that players always end up passing the ball along the back line refusing to advance the ball into scoring territory. I don’t know the exact numbers but it seems as though 90% of possession time in soccer is spent in the middle of the field, far away from the goalie and the net.

            FIFA, on the other hand, is fast paced. While it is still a lower scoring game, the ball changes possession seemingly every 10-15 seconds. The ball stays around the attacking areas and games with 30 shots on goal are not unheard of. This is an extremely exciting brand of soccer. However it is unrealistic. FIFA, after all, is a video game. For the style of play to be transferred from the video game to real soccer matches, players would have to be impossibly conditioned. They would have to be in the greatest shape of any human, ever. Yet still, the videogame FIFA soccer has broadened the already enormous fan base of soccer. Americans who loved fast paced games like football and basketball are drawn to FIFA soccer. After playing it over and over again, they begin to learn the names of the players on the best teams in the world. The next thing you know, they are purchasing their favorite teams jersey online and watching every match they play during the season. FIFA Soccer is not just making money for EA Sports, they are making money for, and increasing the popularity of, the game of soccer. 

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